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  Our licensed pharmacist is a specialist in compounding Pet Medications. Our compounding pharmacy can customize medications to your pet’s needs.Often small and medium size pets need lower doses of medications but the manufacturer may not make the small doses. Our pharmacy is able to change the dose and strength of the medications for your petOften pets don’t like the taste of medications and refuse to take them. Our compounding pet pharmacy can add flavoring to the medications making it easier for your pet or horse to take the medication leading to increased owner compliance and better outcomes for your pet.  We can also change pills to flavored solutions making it more enjoyable for your pets to take the medications eliminating the anxiety and stress that leads to unwanted behavior and adverse relationship with your pet. If your pet takes multiple medications, we can combine different medications into one.We use FDA-approved, USP, NF, or pharmaceutical-grade chemicals and compounds.To place your order or for more information please call us at 1-855-4-RX-PETS (1-855-479-7387)

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