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Cyclosporine (Generic for Atopica)


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Cyclosporine is the generic form of Atopica .  It is used to treat and allergic skin condition called atopic dermatitis in dogs.

Dog atopic dermatitis is the result of an animal becoming too
sensitive to one or more allergens in the environment, for example:

  • House dust mites
  • Pollens
  • Mould spores
  • Occasionally foods

It is thought there may be a genetic cause as atopic dermatitis is more common in certain breeds (e.g. Terriers, Retrievers)

dogs have a lot of allergies and may even suffer from a combination of
atopic dermatitis and other allergies, for example flea allergy.

there are a lot of allergens in the environment, signs of atopic
dermatitis can suddenly get a lot worse or ‘flare up’, just like humans
getting an attack of hayfever in the summer.

Signs of skin allergies include scratching, licking, gnawing, chewing,
skin infections, hair loss and odor.